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Steve was truly an incredible instructor and I learned more than I was even anticipating. He made it exciting and the time went by quickly, in a good way. His handouts with tips and tricks were AMAZING and I feel so prepared to start my new job and put all my new skills to work. I will be recommending Steve Goldberg to everyone I know. Thank you!

Excel If Questions Webinar   3/16/17

Steve Goldberg was an excellent instructor. We had 147 on the webinar today and the audience gave a lot of positive feedback in the chat, asked great questions, and appreciated the sheer amount of content covered in 1 hour.  One attendee said they got more out of this 1 hour than an entire day attended elsewhere.

Let’s keep utilizing him!

Excel for Mac Level 1 

It was great. Exactly what was advertised. Steve Goldberg was an excellent teacher and took the time to help every one at their specific pace. 

Steve was amazing. I've never been in a class that we didn't have to rush through half the curriculum in the last half hour. It was evenly paced and we finished right on time. He also has so much personality that the day flew by while we learned a ton. Who knew Excel could be enjoyable!!

Excel 2016 Level 3

Great!! Clear, concise and disseminated in a way that was easy to understand. I found this class enlightening and informative. I truly enjoyed it and really liked having Steve as an instructor. I will absolutely be back for more and hopefully will have Steve again!  

Project 2016 Level 1

 Steve was great! We definitely benefited from the class and came away with working knowledge of the program to get us started. We will utilizing you guys again in the future when we are ready for the advance class.  

Excel 2016 Introduction

Steve was awesome!  Was very impressed, found Steve to be very educational.  Made it very easy to learn and pick up useful skills. Honestly going to talk to my boss about taking another class. 

PowerPoint 2013

Fantastic! I wanted to start from the beginning even though I have used PowerPoint. Steve was awesome, he went above and beyond with extra tips and handouts. He made the class fun and I was surprised how much I actually learned.

Fantastic! Learned so many amazing things I had no idea I could do on PowerPoint. I was engaged the entire day! Instructor was great!

 Excel 2016 Advanced

Very knowledgeable and entertaining instructor. I learned a lot. His Tips and Tricks Handout will be invaluable.   

Outlook 2016

There isn't anything I could really say that needed improving. I had a great instructor who   taught me everything I needed and then some.I loved the training. My instructor was friendly, nice, and very knowledgeable in everything regarding the software I was learning. I had a great time and learned everything I needed to know. 

Excel 2016 Introduction

He offered many extra tips that were very helpful. Nice guy, polite, knows his subject. He also handed out extra material with shortcuts, etc that I can use as a quick reference. 

Project 2013 Level 1 and Level 2

This was a great class with Steve. I like the instructors  knowledge and short cuts on this software. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Nice handouts! Class moved along at a great pace. Love the shortcuts too.
Overall, it was a great class and would highly recommend it. Thanks!

2010 New Features

Steve was amazingly engaging over the 12 hours of class -- funny, patient, and willing to go the extra mile to catch any stragglers. It was a lot of info to navigate over just two days, but Steve very capably cut a path through the jungle! 

Well presented class, lots of interaction. Thanks for all of the Tips & Tricks. Wish I could attend more classes with you. 

It was Awesome... I would take another class with him again. The tips and tricks were super. 

Excel 2016 Introduction

I love the visual hand-outs with tips and short-cuts. This training and hand-outs will be extremely valuable in my job. Thank you! 

Steve provide students with a list of Tips and Tricks, 6 pages of command plus highlighters. 

Nice handouts! Class moved along at a great pace. Love the shortcuts too. Overall, it was a great class and would highly recommend it. Thanks! 

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6 Custom Excel Classes

Six Customized Excel Classes

Created And Taught By Steve Goldberg

All classes available in 2010, 2013 & 2016

1.  Custom Excel Chart and Graph Class

2.  Custom Excel Pivot Table Class

3.  Custom H and V Lookup Class

4.  Custom Conditional Formatting in Excel  2010, 2013 & 2016

5.  Great Excel Formulas And Functions You Never Knew Or Used.

6.  Mastering If Questions

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