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Computer Software Training
My custom Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word and Excel has reached a new level.
After giving the class at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, they heard about it in Europe.
Went to Fox Studios for a webinar at 1 AM, so that the Fox folks in England, France and Germany, got it when they are working. Truely intermational.
Thanks B.B.
Computer Software Training
Took the time while recovering from foot surgery to make 5 Custom Classes in Microsoft Excel. Great formulas you never knew about or used, Pivot Table and Pivot Charts, H and V Lookups, Conditional Formatting and Charts and Graphs. Now availble for groups and individuals.

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6 Custom Excel Classes

Six Customized Excel Classes

Created And Taught By Steve Goldberg

All classes available in 2010, 2013 & 2016

1.  Custom Excel Chart and Graph Class

2.  Custom Excel Pivot Table Class

3.  Custom H and V Lookup Class

4.  Custom Conditional Formatting in Excel  2010, 2013 & 2016

5.  Great Excel Formulas And Functions You Never Knew Or Used.

6.  Mastering If Questions

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